And So WW3 Begins: Iran Hits US Military Base With Dozens Of Ballistic Missiles

It has just been confirmed that Iran has hit a US military base in Iraq with "tens of missiles."


It has just been confirmed that Iran has hit a US military base in Iraq with “tens of missiles.”

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard says it is responsible for launching the missiles. The name of the ongoing retaliation is Operation Martyr Soleimani.

The strike on Al-Asad and several other US bases in Iraq took place at 01:20 local time, the exact time Soleimani’s convoy was struck.

US President Donald Trump called Soleimani a “monster” and a terrorist, whose death saved lives, and threatened Iran with “disproportionate” US strikes if it endangered any Americans anywhere.

Trump also ruled out US withdrawal from Iraq, contrary to a letter that was sent to the government in Baghdad on Monday by a regional US commander, saying that doing so would practically hand the country over to Tehran.

The drop in S&P futures is accelerating as more senior US military officials confirm that a US army base in Iraq is under ballistic missile attack.


An American military official is quoted as saying:

“Not only al-Assad, but all of our bases in Iraq have been targeted. The attacks used short-range cruise and ballistic missiles.”

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