Biggest Election Fraud In 历史 Discovered In The United States


通过 乔恩·拉波波特


Shocking video reveals secret software designed to rig elections.

Vote fraud expert Bev Harris exposes electronic voting machines.

好的。她终于做到了。周一,贝弗·哈里斯(, the great investigator of vote fraud, appeared on the Alex Jones show and 奠定了这一切. The GEMS vote-fraud system, “fraction magic,” the way the vote is being stolen. Not just in theory, but in fact. 听整个面试,得到了这个词。 Bev’s findings are staggering. Below the video is the original piece I did on this earlier this month.


Votes counted as fractions instead of as whole numbers

…[A]mazingly, the vote-rigging system it describes has not gotten widespread attention. The system can be used across the entire US.

As we know, t这里 are a number of ways to rig an election. Bev Harris, at, is exploring a specific “cheat sheet” that has vast implications for the Trump vs. Hillary contest.


我劝你潜入她的多部系列, 分数魔术 (第1部分 这里)。这里是关键哈里斯的报价。他们都令人震惊:

“Our testing [of GEMS] shows that one vote can be counted 25 times, another only one one-thousandth of a time, effectively converting some votes to zero.”


“GEMS vote-counting systems are and have been operated under five trade names: Global Election Systems, Diebold Election Systems, Premier Election Systems, Dominion Voting Systems, and Election Systems & Software, in addition to a number of private regional subcontractors. At the time of this writing, this system is used statewide in Alaska, Connecticut, Georgia, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Utah and Vermont, and for counties in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. It is also used in Canada.”

“Instead of ‘1’ the vote is allowed to be 1/2, or 1+7/8, or any other value that is not a whole number.”

“加权赛跑[通过使用宝石]除去‘一人一票’的原则,以允许一些票算作少于一个或多于一个。不管真票是什么,考生可以收到票的一组百分比。结果可以被控制。例如,候选人可以分配的票44%,候选B 51%,和候选c中的其余“。

504 Gateway Time-out星力捕鱼


A contact who, so far, apparently wishes to remain anonymous states the following about the history of the GEMS system:

“The Fractional vote [rigging] portion traces directly to 杰弗里·W上。院长,他的妻子是开发宝石公司的主要股东。他经营这家公司,但是从处理金钱或支票因刑事定罪计算机诈骗,为此,他在监狱里用了4年禁止。从监狱被释放后几乎立刻,他被授予选举数据和选票印刷选票处理大量的政府合同亲密的访问“。