The Tragic, Grief-Stricken And Lonely Part Of Keanu Reeves



Reeves’ father drops out of his life

In 1967, Samuel Nowlin Reeves abandoned his family – his wife Patricia Taylor, and two children Keanu and Kim. Keanu was only 3. They lived in Lebanon, Australia and New York, before settling down in Toronto. Keanu visited his father occasionally till he was 6. After he turned 13, he visited him one last time at his Hawaiian farm. In a 2000 Rolling Stone interview, Keanu said, “Jesus, man. No, the story with me and my dad’s pretty heavy. It’s full of pain and woe and f*cking loss and all that sh*t”. Keanu struggled with dyslexia; he eventually left high school without even receiving a diploma.

First tragedy strikes

In 1993, Keanu’s best friend and fellow actor River Phoenix, 23, overdosed on a toxic concoction of cocaine, morphine, and valium outside The Viper Room, an LA club owned by Johnny Depp. He suffered five seizures before he passed away. During his Reddit AMA in 2014, Keanu answered a question about what River Phoenix was like. “He was a remarkable human person and actor. We got along very well, and I miss him. I think of him often,” he had replied. anon wear t-shirt

Second tragedy devastates Keanu

In 1998, Keanu met Jennifer Syme, a young actress. In 1999, Syme gave birth to a stillborn daughter. 18 months later, Syme died in a car accident. “Grief changes shape, but it never ends. People have a misconception that you can deal with it and say, ‘It’s gone, and I’m better’. They’re wrong. When the people you love are gone, you’re alone. I miss being a part of their lives and them being part of mine。我不知道本会是什么样子,如果他们在这里 - 我们可能会做起来。我想念所有的伟大的事业,永远不会,“基努称,2006年 Parade magazine interview.

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And to make matters worse…

… Kim, his sister, fell ill due to her decade long battle with leukemia. The cancer eventually fell into remission, but she is still fighting the disease. “When she was in the hospital he was there with her all the time, sitting at her bedside, holding her hand. Sometimes, it’s almost like he doesn’t trust himself to have a relationship with anyone“他的密友透露ADH。我私下和公开捐赠给癌症众多的慈善机构,研究中心和医院。我已经设定和他自己的慈善事业还支持 Stand Up to Cancer and the SickKids Foundation.

His brush with death

在1988年,在托潘加峡谷大道自行车事故给他留下了厚厚的疤痕他的胃垂直上升。他的脾脏后来不得不被删除。我躺在人行道上半小时救援到来之前。 “那我叫程恶魔(这意味着在夜间骑在没有大灯)。我记得我在我的头,“我就要死了”。我记得在大声呼救。有人接听走出黑暗,然后救护车的闪灯下来。 This was after a truck ran over my helmet. I took it off because I couldn’t breathe, and a truck came down. I got out of the way, and it ran over my helmet,” he told Rolling Stone. Another motorcycle accident in 1996 broke his ankle and left him with a wide, curved scar on his right leg.

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    • Then you will never understand your role within anonymous… but keep searching the truth will set you free and you are soooo close!

        • 由于本网站不隶属于匿名。 ITS试图利用匿名。是你,只是你的姓名和电子邮件询问后才能发表评论。你不会太亮。但如果是他们要赚钱匿名他们应该一律至少尝试更难

      • We all have loved an lost family very sad story .. but u have to stay strong in life .. movie star or not he is still human like i an u.

        • You’ve entirely missed the point. He absolutely adheres to the modesty he was most likely to grow out of in Hollywood.
          He didn’t do a public statement for a bit of materialism, he was asked these, and he was honest.
          This man is the opposite of gluttony, and self-absorbance.

        • 所以真正的电影明星也是人。他们觉得,伤害,出血,哭声,就像我们一样。我觉得他们中的一些有生活都天翻地覆很抱歉。他们可以“吨是平凡而就像我们可以走动,没有人拿出他们所有的时间。你要坚强站起来,开始新的一天!我对自己说每天爱我的工作!爱我的工作!一段时间生活可以压倒。对不起,您的损失!

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        • FYI – A quick google search shows that he’s been in 24 movies in the past 15 years. What have you done during that time?

        • Did you not see the part about him donating to several cancer charities as well as running his own charities. I would say that is a lot done in 15 years.

        • Keanu Reeves story is inspiring because he has dealt with several death’s of loved ones
          和悲剧,但必须向前继续。我回来了,并不会退出,这是鼓舞人心的给他人。 MOST演员不谈论时艰。我很佩服他保持了真格。
          I must say though, I was waiting for the bad part. He should spend a day in my life. Not sure he would be able to.

        • 你一定要明白这部电影一年叫约翰·威克已经发布。什么是鼓舞人心的关于这就是我选择大多数,如果不是所有他的钱捐赠给慈善机构和其他各种组织来代替生活在富人和好莱坞著名的生活方式。

    • 那么,你知道如何匿名想加入人类和帮助更好的世界。人类如何有心脏和情感。以及这名男子告诉他讲述了他的情绪,我怎么更佳的世界。加入人性化,必须强调与休息。

    • Ultimately, Anonymous is about our humanity, which is often hidden in plain sight by the societal paradigm we currently live in.

    • 我认为这是似乎是站在人性和道德因为匿名谦卑。这是一个男人谁拥有了一个奸诈的生活故事,仍然不俗。我们的一个教训所有XXX

    • 我不知道为什么这个故事在所有书面......我大概是写它的人......人们遭受的损失与所有的时间。 1998年是本文中提到的最后日期......这就是15年!我不建议在移动,但35和50是非常不同的年龄。加油!

      • 我很抱歉,但你是谁?你是否曾经失去了一个生活中的重要。一个孩子,一个妻子,你最好的朋友。有一个仍然强的人仍事给你。
        He’s had to endure lost in his life an it seams that every time he finds a bit of peace someone else go’s.
        Growing up in a home where hope is all you have sometimes will change you aspect on life.

        • This article has actually caused me to DISlike Keanu a little bit. I read nothing that demonstrated any exceptional suffering. We’ve all loved and lost. We’ve all lost family and friends. He comes across as just a whiny D-bag. “I don’t want to discuss my dad because that’s some heavy shit”. pfft. Because you’re the first to have a dad walk out? Cry me a river…phoenix. lol

          • 03,我不看他的父亲;婴儿出生还是他的出生;他的孩子的母亲已经死了;他最好的朋友死了,他的妹妹是真的病了。你想什么他以确保您的实际默许下勾选复选框!??它不是一个颠簸的完成你。

          • It’s sadness me in regards to the person comment who calls him a wimp & cry baby. That’s the whole thing wrong with this world! No one has compassion for their fellow man . Take Keaun’s profession of the story . I know you sad for him then & be understanding . But his celebrity status y’all assume he wares armor & is AMMUNE to ALL PAIN & every regular ordinary person gets & tragedy. Well let me remind you of something. HE IS JUST AN ORDINARY PERSON ! Tragedy is horrible grief & pain is HELL to get rid off no matter who you are . Give him your prayers & not your judgment & cruel remarks. Loneliness is a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE way to be ! I’m here if you EVER EVER need to talk or just an understand friend Keanu . And your in my prayers

    • 哎...什么是匿名有给你我的姓名和电子邮件地址。什么他妈的是匿名的看法?我加入你的团队,因为我看到了很多有趣的文章......我要离开,因为他们是寥寥可数。凯特的评论当之无愧的智能回答,而不是废话那李四答道。 “那你永远不会明白你的角色......但匿名在继续寻找真相会让你自由,你SOOOO接近!”噢,你gwasshoppa内找到butterfwy翅膀生命的意义。 Jeezus,什么废话。

    • I personally have a hard time trusting any articles on this site.

      It reminds me alot of Alex Jones’s website that’s full of really controversial and conspiracy info.

    • 我认为,这意味着有活甚至在悲剧和名利之中管理相当匿名的生活。在这个意义上,他是我们中的一个,在人群中露脸的。我们是匿名的!

    • 只是看霓虹恶魔。这个故事还有就是摇滚版。成功有一个价格有了光明。我们看到更清晰的康乃尔克里斯死了自杀......。我的屁股明显。牺牲的是像所有他们所遭受的死亡。

  1. 我爱这个人这么多...我不关心,如果我从来没有见过他,这是他的足够的知识对我来说,形成情感依恋......我之前甚至不知道关于他的故事的工作人员,我只是喜欢他的角色我选择了从“宾夕法尼亚州的王子”对......世界需要更多的人也和他一样......如果我曾经和他在一起(浪漫),我将尽我的一切力量,让他幸福的机会......他应得的......他不值得独自一人,我希望我能填补需要他......那美丽的心灵和头脑,以一个漂亮的脸蛋搭配......“谦虚”是轻描淡写...

        • WTC ...你发布的基努·里维斯?这是假的冒充...身份盗窃......虚假广告...... IDK的,这是非常令人反感一个人当真相打扇嘲笑和吊带狗屎......宴乐是最大的狗屎吊索蛀虫73:25不知道如何甚至认为治疗的和其他人都是一个人单独留在家中与他们在互联网的可怜的生活,在别人的反馈笑现实社会生活缺乏由于缺乏社交技能,同时也。当是最后一次任你是混蛋曾与某人有个约会你想和你真的是谁为谁?当是你吻一个人在雷雨中最后一次?你们大家真的需要更多走出... JS

    • You guys say she is creepy for that, but we all know there are plenty of men everyday asking for sex and all that shit out of nowhere. Don’t hate the truth.

    • 那些愚蠢的玛丽安忽视的仇敌,我有同样的感觉,并有多年!不能相信charlese塞隆甩了他对西恩·潘...那愚蠢的婊子。现在我恨她。

    • Don’t listen to the trolls, you don’t have issues…you have a soul. In a sick world filled with those who would sell theirs for money, fame or power, you only want to love someone who has lived a life filled with tragedy…but hidden by the bright lights of hollyweird. I’d love the hell outta that man, too.

  2. 请问这个有做匿名?我喜欢他的演技,但我没有更严厉的寿命比人在世界的1/4。我真的不明白这个......我甚至可能会停止对FB下面你... FFS

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  5. Before more of you continue to whine about this article, look at the author/writer & their past articles… they are similar in style. If you don’t like the article, don’t read it, or anything else by them if it bothers you so much.

  6. 为什么anonomous ESTA发布胡说八道?我处理更多的悲剧我19日前birthday..and我不富有,英俊..什么垃圾的负载。试图在圣诞节前失去了一个最好的朋友一个星期,然后一个宝贝女儿的生日后失去你的两个飞蛾..上的平均乔问题顶部每隔交易大家的面孔。随着这种类型的东西它只是一个当物质..

    • You are the worst type of person!! Please don’t try to compete to have a harder life than someone else. He has been through some difficult times, and it makes you a terrible person to try and diminish that. Not everything has to be a competition, and its pretty sad that you are trying to compete for a harder life. Let other people’s stories be told, not just your own!!

      • @fi,调用最坏型凸轮和后后一个可怕的人是完全荒谬的。得到“最差型”和“可怕”的观点。再加上他/她的职位甚至还会认识ESTA发生在每个人。发表您的显示0同情。

    • 我处理所有这些事情在他的生命,但,因为我已经变得更为他的生活比你的成功,我也不太值得肯定和同情的痛苦我所遭受的损害?损失是最难的事(是的,你问之前或法官过,我知道损失,可能远远超过你能想象),以应对和它塑造你作为一个人,坚强和决心无论是痛苦。你不能改变发生在你身上你生活中的事情,但你可以选择你如何处理它们

  7. 当信息来自忘记。如果不是匿名我伤口听说过先生。里维斯和他的艰苦生活。挂在那里。现在有成千上万的人去你通过什么包括我自己。只是继续听你的心脏你内心的指南针。当你的心脏和头脑相互同意,去了。我本人去你正在经历多了什么。我的祈祷与你们。

    • Right? It just, like, ended..


  8. 你的一个伟大的人。下巴。你只应该得到最好的。事情会变得更好,如果你还没有准备好,你会遇到一个很好的灵魂伴侣。真的enoy你的电影。

  9. 我来自一个小小岛呼叫桑给巴尔,我一直在看很多电影在我的时间,到目前为止,我已经被这个家伙的生命启发,我觉得损失此外,我对他的人也失去了这么可亲靠近我,我爱的人谁学会和最新它是爱。这家伙的身世,以及他生活的主导的路径是一个灵感在充分的勇气!我卑微的建议是尝试信任,再次学会爱。没什么可失去的,但这么多的收获兄弟。保持良好的工作!你是一个灵感,我们许多人。

  10. 地球上的每一个得到了他/她的跌宕起伏......财富和不幸,考验和挑战的份额... ..他是一个演员! ? is'nt他?... .. welll ....我要坚强地活出他的生命......面对审判......别人的关怀,激发谁是关键的不是他越来越郁闷......

  11. 感谢您对这篇文章!我一直很喜欢你,现在基努·里维斯我甚至做得比以前多得多。我想你最好的,我希望下一次,可能我们读到和听到许多关于你的私人生活的好消息。

    Be happy man! You deserve it.


  12. 我知道他的痛苦。 41这就是为什么我单身的原因。跳动的感觉损​​失的痛苦。当你爱的人模或伤害你。我知道这是不是正确的解决方案时所遭受的损害,但像我一样有;这是唯一的选择,以保持自己的理智。

  13. Wild guess: Open letter to other anons with a scheme to grief him, to explain why Keanu should not be a target for lulz?

  14. 是啊,这是确定,但真的我知道那些人生活困难的生活,没有任何人给他们数以百万计的一个月或三三两两的工作。我可以告诉你一个朋友说,已争取用酒精和毒品所有他的生活。我失去了朋友海洛因,女友已经失去了在汽车我驾驶交通事故。这几个不同的摩托车事故几乎夺去了生命两次。在高速公路上一个和他一起醉酒在高速公路上走错了路有人打头部大量交通事故。他的母亲看着他慢慢死去老年痴呆症。这只是他人生的短暂夏日。我不是短使事情基努的经历了,但是,比起别人的东西的规模是他的阅读灯。

    • ,除了你的朋友的问题(除了他的母亲死于阿兹海默氏症)的声音就像他们在很大程度上是他自己做的。从你说的话,滥用毒品和酗酒,有很多事情要做,我所面临的问题,尤其是他的酗酒和以错误的方式获得高速公路,打在别人头上?我们都应该感到这个男人的同情?他的行为可能有(可能有,我不知道)别人的死亡引起的。你已经采取了对自己的行为负责,并得到自己清理了一些帮助?基努的悲剧可能是一样的许多人在那里,或小于其他一些,但如果我可以用名利他的一些好的,如捐赠的钱,我并不需要现场(大部分)或慈善机构甚至他这样的损失,分享故事,正如其他人指出,它可能有帮助,激发别人做相同或意识到别人的痛苦也是一样,他们其实并不孤单。

  15. 我骑在夜间没有灯光摩托车?不能有任何这种同情然后,它是一个自私的行为,因为我可以自己伤害他人以及自己。但有趣的得到他的生活这个角度。

  16. Keanu, We do have the ‘…comfort from the scriptures’ that ‘we might have hope…’ Romans 15:4. Jesus said ‘He is the resurrection and the life’ and that ‘…the hour is coming in which all those in memorial tombs will hear His voice and come out…’ John 5:28-30. And Jesus promised that He will ‘…wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore…’.Rev 21:3&4. I pray that the ‘…peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your heart…’ Philippians 4:7. Maryjane

  17. Keanu, We do have the ‘…comfort from the scriptures’ that ‘we might have hope…’ Romans 15:4. Jesus said ‘He is the resurrection and the life’ and that ‘…the hour is coming in which all those in memorial tombs will hear His voice and come out…’ John 5:28-30. And Jesus promised that He will ‘…wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore…’.Rev 21:3&4. I pray that the ‘…peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your heart…’ Philippians 4:7. Maryjane

  18. Keanu Reeves does deserve respect. The man has gone through a lot, yet a very noble and generous man. people should take a lesson form his life.

  19. 毒蛇的房间...有很多围绕着俱乐部的争议,和名人访问过它和约翰尼DEP和死亡连接到这一点。世卫组织精神控制程序受害者名人...等长大了......有很多围绕着俱乐部的东西。

  20. 他的故事是可悲的,但不是孤立的。很多人遇到亏损的长字符串,它可以是灵魂摧毁。我很惊讶KR还是功能,以及我做。我的帽子熄灭他为我上班的斗志护士后,那些不应对这么好找。

  21. inspirational… reading that was like taking a walk through my own past. I gained respect and hope from knowing that I aint alone.

  22. 是的。他们每个人都有问题,这是事实。但在你自己的经验/生活问题尽管有了别人的试验有点同情真的不是在所有的这些质量差。

  23. He really is a good guy. The article seemed to end abruptly but he has donated the biggest portion of his earnings from the Matrix movies.

    Reeves gave US$80 million of his US$114 million earnings of The Matrix sequels, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, to the special effects and makeup staff. He is quoted as saying ″Money is the last thing I think about. I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries.″

  24. keenaue伙计买的老帆船修复它与苦劳和爱扬帆出海,享受神奇的3个小时成为一整天becausetime减慢。带上你的朋友,煮好吃的给自己给他们,你会找到一种方法,微笑的珍贵疼痛让你知道,生命是值得的。我的激情是手揉剥离与丹麦柚木手工红木虎擦蜡油。 4个风会吹呼气回thoes静物干燥骨头爆震并点击回到一起。 EZK阅读。 37为重点

  25. 猪头...矩阵。至少这是我做的连接...薄膜的概念和理论完全可以涉及到当今社会。我喜欢这些电影!搏击俱乐部是真棒太多,但我不知道很多有关的任何演员的个人生活的旅程。任何人的生命故事的方式,人们可以在一个点或另一个涉及到它足够有趣。道具基努对他的同情心自然是肯定的!

  26. 这不是在这里竞争,亏损金额更是无法估量一个人对他们来说,无论是一个人,一个整个家庭,整个社会。你的损失是你自己的。是keanua应该有它全部由社会当日slebs瘾,但嘿,我没有,大惊喜。有钱人是不同的,只是因为他们有钱,他们无法从最终的损失,正等待大家保护自己或他人。 sleb死,病的病,被剥夺,孤独,悲愤交加的名单很长,就像所有其他人。如果金钱,声望和名气能goodlooks保护他们那为什么不呢?话虽这么说,如果基努是一只猪,丑人的损失在相同然后在这里很少有女人会看他,说,哦,我爱他,他的痛苦。 B.s女装!哎,顺便说一句,sleb女性对这里喷薄是相当yukky。这错误的网站和我说话的女人!

  27. Keeping your chin up and trying to be inspirational, after going through all the bad things life can throw at you and then some.

  28. Tremendously inspiring. I think he made a few thousand more friends today – even if he has yet to discover them. Regarding his cancer work -I hope he discovers the Doctor who has saved many lives -even in stage-4 cancer and has been battling government for over 2 decades in his trek to revolutionize cancer treatment: DR. STANISLAW BURZYNSKI


    On July 1, 1977, Dr. Burzynski resigned from Baylor College of Medicine and established Burzynski Research Laboratories. Over a number of years the company expanded to Burzynski Research Institute, Burzynski Clinic, and Pharmaceutical Plant. Dr. Burzynski serves as the President, Chairman of the Board of the Institute, and is the owner of the clinic and pharmaceutical plant.

    博士。布任斯基是antineoplastons,这是对抗癌症的一个复杂的生化防御系统的组成部分的发现者。他是新的而且为治疗癌症,病毒感染,包括艾滋病,自身免疫性疾病,帕金森氏病,神经纤维瘤病,和再狭窄的发现者。在他的贡献是242项专利,300多个科学出版物。他是许多组织,超过20个国际奖项收件人的专业会员... //

  29. 我是按照年,基努·我是一个美妙的演员和一位善良和慷慨的人所以那里有没有什么可以说这将改变我的反馈或对他的感情HES通过地狱和背部和HES精彩去过

  30. Maybe the author didn’t want any accolades for the article and just wanted to present the story. Maybe just a true friend of Keanu’s wanting everyone to know this about him without the notoriety associated with getting the scoop and being subjected to further questions. This is heartbreaking but not uncommon for many of us. What’s really sad is how it’s proof that money doesn’t buy everything as money can’t cure his sister, couldn’t save River or his friend who lost the baby then her own life. The article doesn’t say if Keanu was the father. I remember recently having a conversation at a party about celebs who stay out of the media & Keanu came up as one of them. I am 48 and in the process of writing a book about one subject in my life that resulted in devastating loss and that’s just one subject. Reflecting back when my Dad moved away when I was 14 all the failed relationships, friends out of my life, countless amounts of times I was used by people who I thought were friends and on and on. Having wealth may have helped ease the pain with much of it but I bet 3 out 5 people you talk to have equal if not worse tragedies in their lives but since we are not famous no one cares. I certainly understand the alienation he feels and hope he finds some solace in his talent and career. I also hope his father is alive and financially struggling really bad as he is not worthy of a dime of his son’s help.

  31. Well….the story is nice and i guess a great part of anon is based on getting the truth out, but truly!! this is not the truth the world desperately needs knowledge of..on another note..i did watch “the hour of our time” on you tube and would love to know how much truth is in that..surely one of you great truth tellers can dig something up 😉

  32. 这些意见......本文就这么多的仇恨,你会觉得匿名卫生组织还做了其他的东西比惹恼他妈的失控的人......有学士学位文章约狗屎这将“改变世界” ......索尼的平面土地随时随地EM ...和ODB

  33. 为什么在这里花时间拖钓时,你可以做一些高效地使用你的生活,喜欢结局呢。我认为文章很有意思。如果你不想输入您的姓名和电子邮件,你不应该有。这是发生了什么。当你给智能手机和计算机哑人。打开你的心和你他妈的闭嘴。请你的,你的母亲。附:我是区分的dumbasses没有得到它,你杀我自己第一句引用。万岁匿名。

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    ~ Peace!

    • 戴夫:只想说你,先生,是一个完全可耻的人,如果你在我身边的任何地方,现在,我会从你的喉咙,用我的双手扼其最后一口气而优雅地唱LALALA。

    • 戴夫,我看到UVE从来没有失去任何东西或任何人对你很重要,但相信我,你会等待再和我谈与它打交道,并继续前进......你这个小刺ingnnant imature

    • You’re a fucking asshole. Obviously you’ve never suffered huge and traumatic loss. Get a life ya lil bitch waffle…

  35. Take my hat off to you Mr.Reeves, you have the guts to put your grief out there without fear of people judging you, by the looks of this they already have, I don’t know you but I think your actions are honourable to say the least. I feel for the grief your going through every day, God bless and keep moving forward.

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  37. 好文章,对他很伤心怕我不在乎,因为我觉得这么多,他的损失。损失会改变你,它会让你少一点是开放的希望的东西会给他。在自己住的原因导致没有在那里。

  38. I like the guy. But he has had no more grief and heartache than many people I know.
    The article came across like he is the only person to ever suffer. I feel for his loss, but he at least had tons of money to help him through his misery

  39. This is an inspirational story. Too many hate filled people in this world (some definitely here)with no empathy or charity in their hearts. No one said he is the only one to suffer loss. It is just an example of keeping the love and spirit of giving in your heart instead of letting what you have gone thru making you bitter and hateful

  40. 钱不会带回那些已经死了。我克利想通过捐钱给他的那些能够积极地利用它带来更少的苦难和痛苦的世界。

  41. 而这就是著名的人一个励志故事,也是理所当然世卫组织正试图成为一个好人。它绝不寻常的手段非常多的人谁也有这意味着他们爱的死亡和其他此类问题的人的生活。那谁赚了很多钱能买得起把钱投入慈善事业其实一个人是太棒了,但减损不应该在大街上把£1成箱的人,如果这是所有他们可以负担得起的。许多这些慈善机构都只是战线适合商务人士从获得。在癌症的资金等,他们能够的形式是通过大量的慈善救助和资助自己那么当他们想出了各种药物他们对药品的公司卖给了标记,以非凡的量来用不上的普通人谁一直这么过大手笔年。它可以有多种形式,全部是一个骗局。这是为他好是我们这一代人虽然榜样。做得很好。

  42. I find this article very interesting and touching. Really inspiring. Makes me want to step up in my life. Thanks!! 🙂

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  44. 它是不是钱的问题,为什么这么多的人说吗?失去孩子或亲人不因更容易任何款项做。我已经失去了四个宝贝,家族几个成员,三个朋友自杀和我亲爱的爷爷,我不关心,如果我有我的银行帐户或奥普拉的它会伤害是相同的。显然,我已经通过了一些东西去过(是像其他人一样),但每个人的应对机制是不同的,它们仅限于他们所知道的。为什么大家这么快就法官和渗出恨?它是如此伤心。

  45. 大家好,我无法理解为什么你展示自己这么不信任。我不知道基努·里维斯和卫生组织是我第一次读一些关于他的故事,但即使这是真的还是假的,你为什么会去反对硬打匿名的?也许这是不是准备真理,它是关于一个例子,我们大家的。很多人是一个非常艰难的时间有没有人即使知道它。即使这是虚假或升值则意味着是对我们所有人来说更加compassive的认识。原因每个人都必须为正义而战。

  46. 这样的人是混蛋,为什么。是每个人都有损失,但只有一个强大的人有胆量共享与世界同步。我想这应该提醒人们,大家都是一样的,不管是什么,我们的工作还是“状态”。

  47. So many odd comments here. And indicative of the lack of compassion our society seems so comfortable with. Or is it the anonymity of the the internet?

    Listen, leukemia in the family or oneself alone is enough to elicit a kind, supportive word or two.

  48. Namaste brother, may peace await you on your journey. Sometimes the middle path does not greet us, like you we suffer for the greater good.

    • Right? I was trying to figure out where the rest of the article was.

      Poor Keanu has been through more than any one person should have to endure. 🙁

  49. Yo lo estimo mucho a Keanu Revees, pero me parece justo que si dan reportes de su vida sean ciertas! Keanu, que Dios te bendiga, ojalá te pudiera conocer.

  50. 甚至尽管我不家伙第二天知道他是一个非常优秀的球员以及每天总是b中的最大的一步,如果需要感到温暖带没有人从你想要什么,我知道学校俱乐部后一个很酷

  51. Now imagine dealing with that when you’re poor and have no support system.

    每个人都失去了一个朋友和亲戚或情人,并有一个与死神擦肩而过自己或有“爸爸的问题”。 *每个人。这是一个有点* *更容易,当你有钱的无法理解,并有无限的资源。我原谅我,如果我没有过于同情千万富翁谁的悲剧遭遇了同样的作为我们的休息。的家伙挣扎不HAD谋生,因为我是一个十几岁的 - 并在三年笑嘻嘻不到一秒钟,在镜头前让更多的钱比大多数人在这个线程做 - 如果他们是幸运的。

    Nice PR piece.

    • 我不能不同意这一点;然而,依赖于同情不应该盈利。他是人。有我们经历了糟糕的工人阶级,并克服... ..而且我也不能免俗

    • 男人你得是某种白痴到认为我从来没有挣扎。当你失去你爱的人谁在乎钱。我永远都不能像富裕的是,可能从来没有赢得尽可能多我给。但我的方式更丰富,比我与所有重要的人有在我的生活。我全球有机纺织品标准有心脏当我是下来天堂的缘故不开他踢的人。这就是所谓的同情。

    • 真的...什么家伙!有钱有无关悲痛。我已经失去了一个孩子,最糟糕的类型悲痛想象的更不用提在此之上的其他显著损失层!这是令人心碎的基努和再多的钱,支持,资源等金额可能他的心脏恢复如初了什么,丢失了。让我们希望你永远都走在他的鞋子,我敢肯定你的观点会有所不同

  52. With success comes tragedy. It seems to be a dark cloud which follows most celebrities. It is said that those who join “illuminati ” must make a blood sacrifice.

  53. 失去你爱一个人的悲痛是可怕的。因为谁拥有了他的女儿疏离对他的父亲,那种感觉是一样的悲痛。亲们不要授予访问权限的孩子,家长们歪曲事实和谎言是什么一个父亲正在做的或我所在的控制手段犯下最严重的儿童心理虐待。我每天花没有我的女儿像她虽然死了,我不能给她打电话,我不能给她写信,告诉她发生了什么事。我从她的生日计划,五一节,父亲节,复活节排除...她在她的房间里圣诞礼物原封不动,一个衣柜装满衣服的那个她现在可能长出来....抑郁症是个混蛋,没有药物量将永远把她带回。有在你身边和了解,你可以/会再跟你是安慰人,但你最终独含的,你怎么能做过的事情的想法不同只是不要在你现在是心情。

  54. 可能不知道其他演员,没有吹牛多么美好,并给予acerca他们是谦逊给。等待,不知道有什么。这事实上我从来没有站出来说,“我给这么多到这个慈善,这多少为这一事业,”告诉你,他是从他的心脏做。我觉得事情会得到更好的他。此外,它是发生在他身上伤心,但是我并不孤独。很多人根据他的年龄产生了大量的心痛和损失。保持你对上帝的信仰,基努。

  55. I was feeling sorry for a minute until something hit me…

    ” In 1998, Keanu met Jennifer Syme, a young actress. In 1999, Syme gave birth to a stillborn daughter. 18 months later, Syme died in a car accident. ”


    I believe that it was an initiation into the illuminati and they needed blood sacrifice.

  56. 我不同意的意见,以标记对于一定程度,但对另一个人的同情心是基于不应该收。我曾经历过糟糕,我穷与接零家人的支持......我是人!我曾经读过某处年前,我还在写字母,没用电子邮件和文本,河流凤凰是一个真正的真正的人持同样的道德标准。他是独自一人,而且吸无论你是多么富有...。现在的举动像我们其他人keannu。

  57. You’re a beautiful man Keanu, and any woman would be lucky to be by your side, and love you until all your pain is gone.

  58. 我会为你祈祷。你丢了魂,转向上帝在你需要的时候。我将是你的石头,你的品味。魔鬼不夜城。他爱的痛苦,并寻求你当你下来。不要让他赢。转向神,神,作为你的盾牌。你必须悔改!上帝是好的,你需要的是信心。我也失去了很多很多年前。我用它来想我有一个诅咒什么的,因为我没有什么,但运气不好当时的情况。但随后,我发现神。不管发生什么事,我向上帝祈祷,有时,当事情变得广告,我把它们都放在上帝的手中。我会为你祈祷。但请给他一个机会。你会不会后悔。我真的听起来像你需要他对你的生活。请不要再等待更长的时间。现在让你的膝盖,并请他来为你的生活!希望你有一个blessful生活。为你祈祷!

  59. Keanu Reeves has one of the most valuable personality types there is.
    He is a buddhist, and as I know he played the main role in matrix trilogy, a trilogy depicting the gnostic realms of perception.
    So he clearly also have some insights into different mystery schools, aswell.


    • “One True God”

      “Greater Light”

      You’re regarding YHVH I hope – the True Architect. Otherwise, you’re mistaken.

      Typhon reigns supreme, an infinite age of pisces, the mob is most high.


  60. 我的心脏出去基努,钱不给你带来快乐,那就只能让你的生活舒服些,但绝不会带回一个很好的朋友或你爱的人的爱和笑声,更何况是一个女婴。是的,我们都经历过头痛,特别是如果你能活到50,但我们大多数人通过我们的私人痛苦,而不必拥有世界作出判断的这个或那个。我只是希望有一天我会找人的光,再次给他带来一些快乐和幸福,并希望友谊和爱情。继续保持对基努!

  61. 我想我是一个真棒的家伙,我们都处理瓦特/在我们自己的方式==获得了搜救犬,他们总是帮助和总是知道你心碎挽救生命和希望没有什么比他们更爱你。

  62. Its costs to donate bone marrow!! I have always felt I could help someone but I can’t afford to donate. If anyone knows a way around this let me know.

  63. Inspirational. Of course many have had a difficult life but its always good to see that people manage to come out of it relatively in tact.

  64. 我自己的生活是一样的。我失去了整个家庭以及我的叔叔阿姨MOST和表兄弟。我还没有去过能够安葬它们中的任何reconised因为他们arent失踪。我看着同样的面孔,每次我看到他们我所能做的就是点头微笑,并随意交谈中。它太难了像我这样的litttle人质疑原因,他们仍然存在,但它有一个良好的战斗,但是我觉得人involed犯有生命去寻找我生命中的邪恶,制止,但一些杀手去上代。 ITS在一些血液ppeoples杀我们只需要退后一步,无法继续生活如此报复
    但我希望他们有相同的experiances Ive有当他们经过相同的试验,因为我有它只是让我更加警惕对我亲近谁,因为他们同路日为我的家人和朋友有硅着笑容

  65. 那些你谁写负面关于这篇文章,或者那些使一个充满爱心和无私的评论,是你不与心脏出生的?或者,没有教你,如果你没有一些好听的说,不说都什么呢?先生。里夫斯是不是为了吸引眼球或任何其他为此事。这个人is've有很多的痛苦在他的生活,痛苦是你“,我将永远不会觉得,因为我们不是他。并判断他的方式,你“这样的有,愿上帝怜悯你,而你还活着。 mr.reeves和我有着同样的年龄,我有我的大部分痛苦的一年。这是近9年以前。这一切感觉就像是昨天刚刚发生。我永远不会我的痛苦比较别人的。有你们这些人平均从来没有伤害过之前去过?通过遗弃,分手,爱情,甚至死亡?如果你从来没有感觉到疼痛从来没有真正爱过你那么完全,无条件地!!!!!请善待那些伤害,因为明天它可能是你,我答应你,你绝不会希望有人来对待你就像我的耳朵在这些意见。这是不是所有的意见,但你知道你是谁。而且由于ESTA不是我的事,做真实的自己先生。里夫斯并保持无条件地爱那些yyou想在你的生活。甚至每天都感到痛苦,只记得所有的过去和现在的爱,在你的生活!谢谢分享你的故事。

  66. 哇我希望我有他的问题。试图通过多星期要去一周,但生活担心支付账单或获取食物。很抱歉,但我们通过这样的,更多的一切。

  67. 基努,你是否读过这一点,我希望你知道多少耶稣爱你。在他的生活,尤其是在他的热情,我只是他被钉十字架之前受过无法言喻的悲伤和孤独,尤其是在客西马尼园。虽然你可能无法看到现在它,痛苦这辈子能带给你非常接近神。你有时会失去一切为了找出你究竟是谁在为你的生命认识神的意志方面找到清晰。同意他的意志并不总是很容易,但这样做你是内他的伤口深埋。苦难的确有很大的意义和目的。它是没有白费。我真的希望有一天,你发现伟大的爱,上帝对你,你是如何对他非常有价值的。在此期间,请走过这黑暗的山谷不怕邪恶,因为你并不孤单。愿上帝保佑你,基努。

  68. All of us have bad and good times. He had not all bad.
    每个人都必须战斗。不幸的是,生活中这样的。有一些总是或几乎总是有些幸福要争取。单挑。 gibts谁是人没有腿或没有双手,并没有失去勇气。战斗。
    That’s life…….


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